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Express your intention with

Fresh Everyday Flowers




Express your intention with

Fresh Everyday Flowers




Express your intentions with petals

Let our lives be inspired with positive seed. And let the petals refresh us with a brighter day. Seed & Petals is all about expressing your intensions with petal designs. Let our bouquet deliver pleasant experiences and inspire lives.



Your Intentions

We love to see lives inspired by simple gestures and thoughts. Here at Seed & Petals we desire your receiver to experience the intentions you expressed with our products and services.


Our Petals

Each of our floral supplies are carefully selected and deliver the best experience to your audience with the intended expressions. These flowers are here to give you a positive boost to your day or season.


Having Trouble Finding a Right Bouquet?

You’re Not Alone That’s Why We Are Here to Help!

Get in touch with us, and we will assist you in getting the right bouquet for your occasion and for your intensions. This also allow us to add a personal touch to the bouquet you ordered.

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